Deloitte - Look Again


Rather than dip into well-trodden business and board room clichés in the category (enter bad business stock photography & consulting buzz words here), we encouraged the C-suite to #LookAgain for unrealized opportunities with unexpected expressions of familiar business metaphors.


Get Deloitte credit for its ability to see opportunity where others don’t.


Inspired by Deloitte's well-established past as an auditing organization, combined with their ever-expanding capabilities in consulting and more, Look Again embodies the spirit of how working with Deloitte may help you identify and realize opportunities just beneath the surface.

We kicked off the campaign with a pair of lemons discussing their business potential going well beyond ‘making lemonade’ (e.g. cleaning products, air fresheners, essential oils, etc.). Then followed with a vintage clock and a smart watch discussing the need to embrace change, and not shy away from it.

Through a creative approach that stands far outside the cliché’s of our category, we gave the business community a reason to Look Again—both at Deloitte and within their own walls—by encouraging them to tap into disruptive opportunities that could transform their business and prepare them for what lies ahead.