Hotwire - Be Slightly Adventurous


As a result of its business model and heritage, Hotwire traditionally relied on price point and discount messaging in a category increasingly driven by parity. Being significantly outspent in media, we needed to grow the business by differentiating Hotwire in a smart, new way.


Online travel sites are notorious for luring new customers with jingles and cheap deals. Hotwire wanted to better define its brand promise and stand for something greater than just low rates.


It’s easy to let the routine take control and put living life on the back burner. But travel is a great motivator to get up and go. That’s why we created a brand platform dubbed “Be Slightly Adventurous” to inspire the travel geek in us all.  Go to eight weddings a year, because you can. Take the kids boogie boarding for the weekend, or leave them at home for a romantic last-minute getaway. Because if you’re a slightly adventurous traveler, you’re up for anything. The campaign included multiple spots that ran on TV and pre-roll, a social and dynamic video component that could display the most up-to-date hotel inventory in a given area.