Jackson Family Wines - Liberated


To launch Liberated wine to the public for the first time, we needed a campaign that lived up to its name. For us that meant turning Liberated into a state of mind that inspired people to explore how they defy convention.


How do we cut through the clutter and parity within the wine category to reach young wine drinkers in a compelling way?


We wanted to make Liberated represent a mindset of defying convention by feeding Millennial wine drinkers' need for inspiration and self-expression.

To do this, we needed to introduce Liberated to consumers by creating content that felt more like entertainment than advertising. Liberated wine is a challenge to live your life on your terms. So we partnered with artist, adventurer, and entrepreneur Jeremy Collins to help launch Liberated by telling his story of Liberation. We followed Jeremy to Sedona and captured his perspective on Liberation in a video as he created an original mixed-media art installation for Liberated.


The video collaboration with Jeremy has just launched through owned social channels and partnerships with Thrillist and Taboola for targeted promotions within like-minded articles. And Liberated has introduced itself to the world in a way that reflects the culture and passions of its consumers.