A Heater with a big heart.

Published September 13, 2016

A Heater with a big heart.

Sometimes side projects in the industry are things we tiptoe around. Creatives sneak off after hours to do cool things outside of Heat's walls. Well, we love stuff like that. We love it even more when we’re able to talk about those awesome creatives doing awesome things that people are excited about. 

So, let us take a break from our regularly scheduled advertising news to bring you a story on a passion project from one of our Heaters that took her all the way to one of Tinseltown's most coveted events. With the help of many friends in the advertising industry, our Director of Integrated Production, Joyce Chen, and her co-director / co-producer, Emily Moore, developed, directed, and released the documentary short film Refugee. Telling the story of Aicha Diop, who left her five children in West Africa behind to provide a better future for them in the South Bronx, the film’s message is a moving tribute to the power of family and perseverance.

As if that wasn’t enough on its own, the film was selected to premiere at the Telluride Film Festival in its first ever program, Snapshot: Eyes on the World. Joyce and Emily hobnobbed with Hollywood elite while helping to combat some of the negative perceptions of the advertising industry and bring awareness to refugee issues.

The thing we love so much about their triumph -- Joyce and Emily assisted in raising money for Aicha and her family’s reunion, legal services, and living expenses all with the help of friends in the advertising industry. See the good we can do when we put our heads together? 

Great job making the whole industry look good, Joyce and Emily. We need more like you. Check out their interview in Adweek here.