Belgium’s Boys.

Published June 12, 2017

Belgium’s Boys.

We’re very proud to announce that our Belgian bad boys (not really, they’re very nice), Bram Ceuppens and Stijn Jansen, have been named to Adweek’s Creative 100.

After joining us stateside in 2015, these two have cranked out awesome work for NETGEAR’s Arlo, EA’s The Pitch, Shutterfly and now, the Heatbot among many others. They do a lot outside of the agency, (Stijn’s gotten into robots a lot lately) but are always our guys when it comes putting a wild spin on an integrated campaign or pushing their creative to make work better. They have the curiosity and drive to explore these new tools and make them accessible to the rest of us.

Which leads to their newest project: Heatbot, a fully realized self-care chatbot and in-person experience that debuted at Cannes this summer. It involves your current emotional state, music, and a lot of GIFs. Widgets galore, but it's something you have never seen or talked to before. We promise. Even Adweek stopped by and loved it.

We’re proud of this duo. They deserve it more than anything. Read more about Bram, Stijn, and a few of Adweek’s other creative 98 here.