Built for all handkind.

Published April 13, 2017

Built for all handkind.

Phones are cool. But they’ve got a bit nuts lately between all the retinal scanners, firework texts and absurdly sized screens that are inexplicably built to fit the hands of King Kong and Lou Ferrigno’s love child.

Which is precisely why we were so delighted when LG asked us to help them launch a new phone that did something miraculous: fit in a human hand. A regular, old, five finger, human hand. LG had created a bigger screen in a smaller body, which is something we were delighted to help them introduce to the world.

So we came up with an integrated campaign, equally devoid of gimmicks, instead using some simple iconography and clear visuals to highlight the benefit of the phone. It’s a bigger screen that actually fits your hand, whether big, small, old, young, interstellar or pink and fuzzy. Graphic treatments, subtle sound design and global consistency have added up to a campaign that’s found its way into TV’s, boards and stores in dozens of countries around the world.

Read more about the campaign here.