Heat names Nick Reggars Director of Content Strategy.

Published June 19, 2015

Heat names Nick Reggars Director of Content Strategy.

Heat is happy to announce the hire of Director of Content Strategy Nick Reggars. Nick and the Heat Radeator™ team will work together to create engaging social campaigns for Heat’s clients.

Prior to joining Heat, Nick was group director at VaynerMedia San Francisco, where he oversaw content and client strategy for PepsiCo and CBS Interactive. He also spent three years at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners as communications strategy director where, he worked on brands like Google, TD Ameritrade, and Chevrolet.

“But what will Nick do at Heat?” you ask. He and the Radeator team will help form and mold creative to live in a surprising way on social media. Nick will put his expertise to work creating excellent client social strategy, brand strategy, and media practice.

“What I love about social media is how culture is driven by it,” says Nick. He is excited to work with Heat’s Radeator tool, a content engine with people at its core – specifically Heat’s social team, who create native content to engage their clients’ consumers. “The world is going to become even more driven by personalized content and I want to be a part of it” he says.

Nick explains that the Radeator and the theory behind it work better than a stand-alone social media agency, because the Radeator team has the opportunity to work much more closely to the original creative idea. The creative campaigns are born within Heat’s walls. The team works directly alongside art directors and writers to develop content that naturally matches the tone and voice of the ideas as they are created. This content is developed with the same precise brand strategy and strategic planning that informs and directs the creative team. Everything the Radeator team creates goes through both strategic and creative approvals.

The Radeator also allows for better creative testing. “We don’t put all our eggs in one basket. We push out a large batch of creative on a small media buy, test to see what performs most effectively, then we take that content, toss the rest, and push the better-performing content out with more media dollars behind it,” Nick says. This allows Heat to make small bets in earned media to inform and drive larger bets in paid media. Examples of this include our work with August Smart Locks and social campaign with Teva.

Nick comes to Heat from below the Equator in Australia, where he spent his formative years learning and cultivating a passion for social media. You can find him at Heat on the weekdays, but on Saturdays and Sundays, he drops off the grid to maintain his Aussie roots tending his wallaby farm in the quaint hills of Berkeley.