Hello and goodbye to 3%.

Published November 3, 2016

Hello and goodbye to 3%.

For the first time Heat is sponsoring the 3% Conference.

Hopefully this will also be our last time sponsoring the 3% Conference.

Nothing against the conference itself or the talented individuals it celebrates. But the name 3%, (indicating the percentage of female CDs in the advertising industry), should be outdated by now. Diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be things to strive for, they just should be the norm.

Next time, we want to host the 50% Conference.

(Militantly-inclusive, office-wide fist pump.)

And we, as an industry, are getting there. The ball (ovary?) is rolling and it’s picking up speed. To add to the momentum, we’ve released Sorry Like You Mean It, a study on why and how often women apologize (turns out it’s too often and unnecessary) by our Senior Brand Strategist, Lauren Sooudi. Even Adweek gave us a little shout out. Thanks. 

On top of that, we’ve developed a series of short films highlighting our own female leaders.

This is us, tooting our own horn in proud unison with the ideals of the 3% Conference while simultaneously playing taps at the funeral for that sad little percentage.

Goodbye 3%. Hello ladies.