Listen to that little voice inside your suitcase.

Published April 11, 2016

Listen to that little voice inside your suitcase.

There’s a voice inside you, begging you to go somewhere. Anywhere. That voice is reminding you that adventure is out there. It’s pleading for you to stop wasting three-day weekends. Hoping you start making the most of two-day weekends. Can you hear it? "Go now! New Orleans. New York City. Somewhere on the beach!“ it says. “Get out there, eat weird stuff, see all the things, or not.” With Hotwire, you can listen to that voice. You can break out of your routine, tap into your slightly adventurous side and book that trip. 

This latest iteration of Hotwire’s “Be slightly adventurous” campaign includes four spots. Each spot explores a travelers Hotwire fantasy, as told by their inner-travel voice. We discover that adventure means something different to everyone and, hopefully, we are driven to listen to our own travel voice and get out there.

A bunch of people, including our moms, enjoyed the work including Ad Age’s Creativity, and Adweek thought the spots showcased the kind of strong comedic writing that helped us win honors like Adweek's Breakthrough Agency of the Year in 2015.