Luck be a lady named Nina.

Published December 22, 2015

Luck be a lady named Nina.

Fearless Heat leader and Executive Creative Director, Steve Stone, has two passions in life. One is obvious (advertising). The other a little less so. To fill you in on your burning need to know Stoney’s second passion, it’s wine. Not only does he love to drink it, he loves to make it. So when the first of his new label, “7 Wines,” were bottled, he knew he’d need a print ad campaign to go along with it. 

Enter the 7 Wine print ad competition. Stoney put an open call for anyone out in adland to create a print ad for the new label, and the results were incredible. “I wanted to brag about the design but not in an arrogant way,” Stoney said to Adweek. “I thought, let’s use this, get a little bit of press on the design, but also try to use it as a tool and as a surprising and interesting way to attract some talent.”  Over 100 entries came in, including one from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ Jeff Goodby (no, he didn’t win). 

Who did win?

Miss Nina Golick. Nina hails from BBDO SF where she officially began her advertising career and interned as a designer. After graduating from the University of Florida with a major in advertising, she joined the BBDO SF team full time and spent two years working on 826 Valencia, California Coastal Commission, Seeds of Change, and Barefoot Wine. She even won a bronze in the Young Cannes Lion Competition and saw her name printed in Communication Arts for the very first time (of many, we’re sure).

Nina has officially been hired as an art director for Heat. She starts in January and we can’t wait to have her on our team.