The Egotist’s Favorite Young Heaters.

Published July 25, 2016

The Egotist’s Favorite Young Heaters.

We love hiring young cool and capable people and this year, these three are among San Francisco Egotists' best. Whether its Whitney’s wit, Emma’s social emersion, or Bram’s … barometer, these three exemplify the best work in the business, but also some of our all around favorite people. 

Whitney Evans

You know how saying someone is a “jack-of-all-trades” can seem like just a nice platitude? Well, we really mean it with Whitney. Her tenacious attitude and knowing of all things “Heat” has made her a mainstay at the agency. Need that presentation from 2012 with the image of that cute dog? Ask Whitney. Need some portraits of new Heaters added to the website? Whitney’s on it. Working on new business, Heat culture, and internal communications, Whitney has transformed herself from Account Manager to Leader of Heaters. Whether she’s shepherding a multi-million-dollar new business opportunity through the agency, or writing interesting articles for the Heat website, her consistently positive attitude keeps her colleagues engaged and happy. Whitney turns down no task, and genuinely loves the advertising grind. Her tireless effort has helped Heat bring in over eight new clients and has aided in the production of a newly designed agency website as of December 2015. A multitasker like no other, Whitney manages to get (many, many) things done with a smile and probably a glass of wine around 5:00.

Bram Ceuppens

Our 6’6, chocolate-hating Belgian came to us early in 2015 and has been an incredible asset to the Heat team. He’s kept busy on digital campaigns for NETGEAR’s Arlo, Star Wars Battlefront, and Jackson Family Wine’s Liberated Wine. He also singlehandedly introduced a campaign for an all-digital bank in Europe. Suffice it to say he knows his stuff. Bram prides himself on making ads that work and are relatable to consumers, not just work that is flashy and neat. Remember all of those pithy ex-burglars comments keeping people from making dumb mistakes with their home security? That was him.* Bram is as strategic as he is creative, and he focuses on quality over quantity. His ideas are potent and powerful without being over complicated or bank-breaking. He’s scrappy and thoughtful and an immense asset to Heat. 

Outside of his work, this man is always on the run and his height makes him an asset as the 6th man on his all Belgian basketball team. On weekends, you’re likely to find Bram biking around the city, catching gallery openings and DJ sets, or hanging out with his super-smart, power-feminist wife Lisa.

*He wrote the lines, that is. He’s not an ex-burglar. Not that we know of, at least.

Emma Kolb

When you look at Emma, you see the quintessential “hip millennial.” But don’t let the tattoos, ear candy, and badass mermaid locks deceive you. Emma is one of, if not the, sweetest and most genuine souls at Heat. Combine that with the stellar social work she’s created over the last year on upwards of seven clients, and it’s easy to see what makes her one of Heat’s best hires of 2015. As a social media strategist, she composes polished lifestyle experiences for brands like Hotwire, Esurance, Teva, and more. She has also worked on social experiences for clients that we can’t even talk about. That’s how cool she is. By crafting and executing individual pieces of content with care and curiosity, Emma strives to create genuine and natural content that helps brands feel a little cooler and more relevant. 

Outside of our humble office, Emma does a lot. With her own social media following (you can find her at @emyahh) her photography skills are part of the reason she was hired at Heat. She’s also learning to surf, which is fitting for her newly colored mermaid waves, and will babysit your dog if you let her. Sounds like a party to us, can we come?