Women are badass! But you already knew that.

Published November 10, 2015

Women are badass! But you already knew that.

Glass ceilings? Pass. Gender stereotypes? No thanks. The road less traveled is fast becoming the more popular route for women these days. In our latest evolution of La Crema’s “Make Your Life A Statement” campaign, we focus on ladies who have less-than-traditional careers. Each woman in these 90-second spots have unique professions – both entrepreneurial and outside of the traditional 9-5 workspace. The pieces feature advice and anecdotes from a butcher, two woodworkers, and a restaurateur.

La Crema has always been about powerful women who handle every challenge boldly, with a sense of confidence and sophistication. This time around we are showcasing women who have taken on their unique passions to become fulfilled inside and outside of the work world.

“Heat and La Crema have had a great brand partnership for a number of years. In this iteration of the campaign, we were inspired by the individual – namely women who were entrepreneurs and business owners. The life choices and personalities of each of the women in these pieces – Ashley, Molly, Katie and Aleksandra – are so different and at the same time capture the essence of the wine brand in the best way possible,” says Heat Creative Director Mike Duckworth.

In addition to these spots going online via La Crema’s site, they will also be tied in to Hulu’s homepage ads and connecting viewers to their favorite Leading Ladies from shows including: The Mindy Project, Scandal, and The Good Wife.

We’re excited about and proud of this new work and will continue to beat down that pesky idea that women can’t play in the same professional arena as men. Wethinks we’re starting to see a little crack in that glass ceiling.