EA Sports - Madden NFL 15 Giferator


We invented the Madden Giferator, a real-time content engine that scanned live NFL data and fired out trash-talking .gif highlights to fans within seconds of the big plays going down.

Instead of waiting to capitalize on a moment of serendipity, like the lights going out at the Super Bowl, our real-time strategy focused on anticipating and pre-producing content for the big moments most likely to occur in a football game: touchdowns, turnovers, field goals, wins and more.

We were prepared for the unexpected, too. When social buzz spiked around WTF moments, our social team was ready to react by quickly creating and publishing witty .gifs to social and display media.


Make Madden a key part of football and Internet culture all NFL season long.


Create a GIF engine that fires out personalized, real-time content for every big play in the NFL, every single game, all season long.