EA Sports - Madden NFL 17


While the game of football hasn’t changed much over the last few years, the way fans interact with the NFL certainly has. Fantasy football has grown 40% since 2014, with nearly 60M people drafting, building, and trading their way to a championship roster every year.

The influence of fantasy football can be seen in the way people are playing Madden as well. What used to be a sit on the couch, head-to-head (‘me vs. you’) experience, has shifted towards a team building (‘me and my team’) one. So we had to evolve our messaging, and speak to this new generation of Madden players in a way that only Madden can.


Shift our communications to reflect the way people are now playing Madden, without losing the fun and irreverence that makes Madden, Madden.


Paying homage to our fantasy football crazed fans’ obsession with chasing players—and the strategies they use to build a winning team—would take our creative into a very nerdy place. So instead we flipped the script, and played into our fans’ greatest fantasies. Having three of the NFL’s biggest stars pursue them for a change by vying, begging —and yes, singing and dancing – their way across social feeds and onto your Madden team.

This three-part campaign launched with Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller starring in a fresh rendition of Justin Bieber’s hit song “Sorry.” Von Miller’s version is titled “Start Me” — with 8 Von Millers serenading, pleading, and dancing in hopes you’ll start Miller on your Madden team. The film is edited to mirror the style and fashion in the Bieb’s video, which garnered over 1.7 billion views on YouTube.

As promised, the fun kept going. Here's the next installment. This time it's Rob Gronkowski attempting to sing in the style of Jon Bon Jovi. Whether he meets that goal is debatable but he gets the Madden message across in spades.

To wrap it all up, we used an as-of-this-writing uninjured and playoff-bound Antonio Brown to croon his way through a rewrite of The Weeknd's "I Can't Feel My Face". This time, the lyrics pertained to Antonio's inability to refrain from overzealous touchdown celebration.