EA - Star Wars Battlefront


When launching a video game that shares a name with the largest pop culture phenomenon of all time, it’s important to step up your creative game. You must also be sensitive to the fandom and cultural impact the movie and game will have on some of the world's most devoted fans. 


How do we put Star Wars Battlefront on a pedestal and not get lost in the wake of one of the biggest movie launches of all time?


We needed fans to experience what it felt like to step into the most immersive Star Wars simulation ever created.

In our first act, we kicked things off with a two-minute anthem spot that depicted gamers around the world vanishing into the Star Wars Battlefront universe. The spot starred people from around the globe, in addition to well-known Star Wars fan, Anna Kendrick.

We then paid off the idea with :15 and :30-second social videos that showcased celebrities and gaming influencers commentating their own epic gameplay moments.  This bite-sized content that was optimized for social channels allowed us to not only show off the best looking game we’ve ever seen but to reach a younger audience and show them this wasn’t their dad’s Star Wars.


Not only was Star Wars Battlefront the biggest launch of a Star Wars video game ever, it also became the largest digital launch in the history of EA. And most importantly, we put the video game in the spotlight right alongside one of the most-hyped movies of all time.