Jackson Family Wines - La Crema Statement Makers


With aisles upon aisles of wines to choose from at store shelves, we needed to make La Crema stand for something more than just exceptional wine. To reach female Millennial trendsetters, we transformed La Crema into an aspirational lifestyle brand that modern wine drinkers can use to make a statement.


How do we make La Crema a sought-after wine choice in a category filled with platitudes and a dizzying number of options?


We needed to make La Crema a lifestyle brand that trendsetters could use to badge themselves and share their story.

To break through to Millennial women, we had to introduce a new perspective to a category filled with marketing tropes. These ladies are looking for ways to share their voice and use digital content as their social currency. 

We decided to make an impact by sharing authentic and powerful stories of female influencers in a digital video series called “Make Your Life A Statement.” We showcased four up-and-coming entrepreneurs, craftswomen, and all around cool-girls to share their work and perspective on being a statement maker in their unexpected roles as butcher, restauranteur, and wood workers. To get our message out, we partnered with Hulu to create custom sponsorship trays for shows that feature strong leading ladies like Scandal, The Mindy Project, and The Good Wife.


Our video series hit a nerve, with our Hulu sponsorship doubling, and in some cases tripling, Hulu benchmarks for CTR. Social media shares and responses to the content demonstrated that La Crema has the power to start conversations and be part of the culture our consumers care about most. We’ll drink to that.