Let’s Get Consensual - Making consent common sense


To truly make consent common sense, we need to do more than educate people, we need to reach people in the moment when it can make the biggest impact. At music festivals, when people are often vulnerable and under the influence, we used AirDrop to deliver a message to everyone that made consent top of mind. By simulating the feeling of having their space violated, our interaction started many important conversations about consent when they mattered most.


When it comes to sexual harassment, an overwhelming majority of prevention efforts are focused on getting women to protect themselves (be aware of their surroundings, go out in groups, text when they get home, be careful with what they wear). As such, the responsibility is being put on women to prevent something they can’t control.

Our mission is to instead reach everyone about consent in the moments where it matters most. All too often, when people are under the influence at places like night clubs, concerts and parties, the lines of consent can get blurry. To actually influence behavior and make an impact, our challenge was to engage people in the moment and start a conversation about consent without it feeling like a lecture.


We used technology to facilitate conversations about consent. By using AirDrop, the user experience served as a lesson about consent before our message was even opened. For those who chose to accept our message and learn more, it allowed us to start a dialogue in an approachable and consensual way.

Stay tuned for more rolling out through the summer.

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