LG - Fit for All


Our phones have gone a bit nuts. Retinal scanners, firework texts and bodies so large they’re only comfortably held by the love child of King Kong and Lou Ferrigno. And the most crazy thing – in the midst of all these features, everybody seems to have forgotten about the most important aspect of the phone: the hand that holds it. Except LG. They figured out how to build all of the things people want, including a larger screen, into a body that’s easily held by any hand, whether big, small, old, young, interstellar or pink and fuzzy.

And that’s our simple message the world over, to all the toilet-droppers, two-handers, smash-scratch-n-denters – we’ve created a big screen that actually fits in your hand.


Create an integrated campaign that’s globally relevant and can stand out from the clutter created by both carriers and two juggernaut, adversarial manufacturers.


The mobile phone marketing world is boiling over with platitudes, celebrity and marketing hype. Our solution wasn’t about about tricks and gimmicks, it’s about a straightforward message delivered with a bit of seemingly long-lost iconography. The visuals convey our message clearly, without a single word, and as a result, translate into any country, culture or language. For LG, this meant a campaign with truly global appeal and touchpoint versatility. While we’re certainly not opposed to it, in this case we felt that silly jokes may generate a laugh, but focusing on the feature that really mattered would generate sales.

Simply put, our solution was to address a universal pain-point with a clear, iconographic solution that makes you want to put your hands on our phone.