Mountain Dew - Victory in a Can


Gaming is no longer a hobby — it’s a career. The stakes are real, and every move counts. So, we set out to show how Game Fuel keeps you accurate, alert and on top of your game. Some call it the Gatorade of gaming, we call it Victory in a Can.


Create a national campaign that announces Game Fuel to an audience that is especially sensitive to being pandered to.


Rather than treat Game Fuel as a traditional beverage release, we leveraged the epic and immersive nature of video games to treat Game Fuel like an entertainment property. Our audience lives and breathes competition, so we gave it to them in the form of cinematic, high-energy moments of victory. And the entire time, we spoke their language. Which, as it turns out, is trash-talk. So dish it out, because when you’re sipping on win sauce, you never lose.