MYND, formerly The Red Door Salon & Spa - A new chapter in a centennial brand’s history


Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Salon & Spa was long the retreat of choice for luxury services– offering everything from massages to hair styling. But both the Elizabeth Arden and Red Door brand names had slowly lost relevance over the years as modern, single-service salons and spas were gaining share of market. As a result, the centennial brand’s outdated positioning and fragmented visual identity led to a 50% decline in search volume and was beginning to stunt growth altogether.


To give the brand a fighting chance, Red Door decided to officially part with its namesake and existing identity and looked to Heat to reimagine their brand and services in this complex category.


Rather than overhaul The Red Door’s existing business, we developed Mynd -- a new, fresh, and gender-neutral brand focused on enabling consumers long-term self-care. Our brand positioning was brought to life with a new visual identity, design system, and brand guidelines that would appeal to both existing and new guests. We developed the identity to credibly encapsulate new services that catered to consumer needs and inspired service providers. The look and feel is welcoming and modern for diverse, younger audience and timeless for the brand’s loyal, more traditional guests. It celebrates Mynd’s origins while marking the first rebrand in the company’s 100-plus year history.