San Francisco General Hospital Foundation - We are their people


In 2019, the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation launched the Transform Mental and Behavioral Health Fund in response to San Francisco’s growing mental health and addiction crisis. The Foundation focuses on supporting the people who are on the front lines of the mental health crisis, working tirelessly to meet the social, psychological and medical needs of the Bay Area’s most vulnerable.


Our ask was to create a fundraising campaign that emphasized the urgency of the crisis while encompassing the hopeful spirit of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.


In response, we created a campaign that’s the very antithesis of the abstracted policy speak and dehumanizing statistics that typically accompany conversations surrounding the mental health crisis. By contrast, I Am Their People centers around the very human struggle of battling mental illness and how difficult it can be to take on alone. But, it isn’t just a call for empathy, it’s a call to action. I Am Their People serves as a flag in the ground. An unwavering promise to be the people for those who have none.

The campaign launched at the annual Hearts in SF charity dinner with a short film and corresponding donation placards that heroed individual patients. An immersive audio gallery at the event allowed guests to get to know the patients through stories told in their own words. And after the event, we brought patient and caregiver stories to social media, allowing followers to get to know the patients alongside the doctors, social workers and community advocates that make care possible. For people that were interested in sharing their support, our microsite allowed them to create a custom image for social media with our I Am Their People Instagram filter.

The result? Hundreds of San Francisco residents and businesses pledged to Be Their People, resulting in over $5.5 million in donations.

An inspiring project to work on, with pretty inspiring results. And if you’re feeling inspired too, well, we just have to ask…

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