USGA - Be There


The U.S. Open Championship is historically seen as the ultimate test in golf and year by year played on some of the country’s most challenging courses. In 2019, Pebble Beach will play host to the 119th U.S. Open Championship for the sixth time and also marks the 100 year anniversary of the course itself.


Because the U.S. Open Championship relocates to a new location each year, it has become challenging to educate and engage within the local community about the championship and sell tickets to first-time attendees.

Key strategic insight

History can’t just be explained. It must be experienced.

Our platform focuses on the idea that there’s no experience in golf like watching the U.S. Open Championship live at Pebble Beach. Our campaign plays into the first-hand experience of golf, creating a visceral experience with drama and excitement that is felt rather than observed.


The Be There campaign focuses on the experience people can only have at the tournament itself, specifically at Pebble Beach. It’s the best golfers in the world on the toughest course, up close and personal with no commercial breaks. The roar of the crowd after a long putt, the elements in your face, it’s golf the way it was meant to be seen.

We created a fully integrated campaign launched at the prior year’s U.S. Open Championship at Shinnecock Hills, driving ticket sales as soon as they are available and making it THE bucket list event for all audiences.