WB Games - Westworld: Build a Better World


Westworld fans are a passionate group who take the show’s fiction very seriously. So much so, that instead of advertising the mobile game, we created ads for Westworld’s fictional parent company, Delos. That’s right, our clients were brave enough to embrace the spirit of the franchise and together we created a mysterious fake advertising campaign for a fake company. As a result, we honored the fiction of the show and let it bleed out into the real word all while never breaking from our story.


We needed to attract both enthusiasts of the show and general mobile gamers. In order to maintain the mystery of Westworld and speak to both groups simultaneously, our challenge was to effectively speak to an audience that doesn’t respond to traditional marketing efforts.


Instead of creating traditional and expected mobile game advertising, we invited our audience to participate in the fiction. But rather than talk about specific events and plot lines from the show, we owned everything from the perspective of Delos. Mirroring the game—where you play a Delos employee in charge of managing everything within the Westworld Park—our campaign used guerilla marketing to recruit employees to embark on a new career, tested their mental fortitude with training and placement exercises, and prepared them for the exciting, albeit dangerous, adventure ahead.

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